Miracles manifested for the Birth of my Baby Girl

My birth story was and is a miracle! No matter that I feel young and healthy, or that I am an energy healer and receive dreams and visions. I still I knew I had to put in the work and effort to manifest this miracle. I still needed to ask the right questions in prayer, to act on promptings, to feel and release emotions through repentance, to follow the spirit. And as I did so this is what happened…

 It really wasn’t until after I had read  “Ina May’s guide to Childbirth” and “The gift of Giving Life” that I only then realized how much choice and agency I have given up in past pregnancies and labor!

I had epidurals with all previous five children and certain fears surrounding pregnancy birth and postpartum! For the past three years I have researched complementary and alternative medicines and ways of healing The body mind and Spirit! Therefore I wanted to have a totally natural birth with no hospital, no epidural, and just prayers, Faith, and power of the mind! And honestly I wanted to see what miracles my body could manifest with my new-found enlightenment!
Right after I found out I was pregnant with my 6th child, I decided to go to work and release any false beliefs I have around labor and birth, and then replace them with eternal truths! The first major false belief that filled me with fear said “Eve can give birth because she is the mother of all living, but if I give birth then I will die because I am not Eve!” I quickly found this was much more ingrained in my subconscious than I thought, and needed to do lots of work to release this!
With the help of Christ there were many more curses, weapons, false beliefs that I have carried for eons and we’re ready to be released! I thought back to all the times that I was in full labor dilated to 7 cm, and then I would walk in the hospital and my labor would stop or slow down! Did my body or the baby not feel the hospital was safe to relax and give birth? What spiritual warfare goes on during birth that we cannot see because we have not asked Christ to see? I was determined to have a journey finding the most pain-free and blissful birth possible!
I knew I wanted a midwife and I researched the top 20 midwife’s on my list and I felt the Spirit testified that Sophie Ness was the midwife that would deliver my baby even though there was no guarantee that treasure valley midwives because there are multiple midwives on call on givin days! I told Sophie that no matter what happens I was going to deliver at the birth center and I was pretty sure she would be there 😉 and much to her surprise she was indeed the one that helped me deliver my baby girl.
After I had released many false belief surrounding pregnancy, labor, and postpartum, then learned about hypnobirthing where you release all fears and replace them with knowledge surrounding this miracle of Life! I learned of air, water, Earth, fire meditations. And that my subconscious responded best to air. I listened to guided meditations and practiced breathing techniques with powerful visualization! I asked my body and my baby what foods to eat, when to rest, take naps to de-stress, and which essential oils to use daily. I learned of better iron and nutrition supplements that previously would have made me constipated. I prayed with more faith and believe over my food, water, and used repentance more than ever before and visualized being purified sanctified and justified!
I prayed that I would have ministering angels to assist in The birth! Along with my ancestors of the light. I could feel certain generations of men and women that were present. I saw their faces from doing many years family history work and genealogy and even packed a profile pedigree in my birth bag to remind me of their strength and bravery! I envisioned that while I was in labor in my near future that I would reach out and hold hands with all the generations that have come before me! Connecting an eternal legacy of the family unit!
An hour before I went into labor I remember talking with one of my girlfriends about some connections we made between pregnancy/ birth complications and spiritual weapons!I’m sure we both cleared lots of energy just having a conversation on the subject! She confirmed Christ was able to heal and help her remove weapons that were connected to physical pregnancy complications. She had a wonderful vision to heal and reverse the complications. Then I remembered  a few of my other friends had the same thing happen! This is a testimony to me that with enough faith and belief, we can heal not just our womb, but our entire body on all levels through our Savior Jesus Christ!
I thought she would be born in August, but she waited until September 6th 2019 to make her entrance(this was the exact due date that the midwives estimated for her).
A week and a half before she was born I was having false labor for 2 hours everyday! Each day I would try something different, one day it was eat a pineapple, next day and eggplant, next day zest and juice a lemon, next day eat all you can eat and go for a long walk, I tried everything but castor oil LOL! The day before she was born, at 10 a.m. I tried acupuncture and then at 5pm I tried swimming… The next day on September 6th at noon I went into full-blown labor!
The contractions were erratic but very strong, by 1pm they were 10 minutes apart and I called my husband to pick up my 8 year old daughter and six year old daughter who both wanted to witness the birth! They got home around 2 pm and my contractions were 4 minutes apart! On our way to the birth center I talked to my body and baby girl and asked that I not have the baby in the car but that the contractions stay 5 minutes apart, and to my surprise my body obeyed!
As soon as we walked in the doors of the birth center at 2:50 my contractions went to 1 minute apart and I sang be still my soul and amazing Grace through the contractions as they checked me! I was 8 centimeters dilated and 80% effaced and this baby was coming fast! I threw on my bathing suit top and jumped in the tub and one contraction later I felt the urge to push and my water broke but it felt and sounded like a huge pop! I had never experienced this before because I have had epidurals with all my other kids and the doctor would break my Waters?!
I then asked my midwife “What if I feel the urge to push?”she said “Well then push!” And little did I know the mighty  power of suggestion because immediately my body took over and the next contraction was A PUSH that took my breath away! I tried to yell for my husband and kids to come see the crowning! I had barely enough time to breathe! I felt a lot of pressure and a little burning and felt all of my bones open up to make way for her head! Her head was out and I grabbed a hold of the metal bar alongside the tub as I braced myself for the next push that I thought would be my last!


The children and my husband were watching as I took a deep breath and pushed with all my might, I anticipated her shooting out and my midwife catching her, but nothing happened, she was stuck?! My midwife Sophie said “Her shoulders are big and it looks like her hand is coming out up by her head!” I knew this meant shoulder dystocia and could be a hard delivery with the hand next to the Head. So I immediately started talking to my body and envisioning opening up big enough for her head to come out with her arm along with her big shoulders because I was already in the perfect position on my hands and knees in the tub to have my pelvic bones open the biggest they can! Suddenly I heard my body say “Push with all your might and it’s all going to be okay!” So with one more great push she was out and it was a miracle! I truly believe that with the right preparation and knowledge that any woman’s body is equipped to birth her baby, if it’s in the Lord’s plan!
It was the fastest and easiest labor I have had in my life. I did not tear. I did not cry. I Smiled and felt beautiful in the pictures. I let the fear fall away and was filled with faith!
Now I’m not saying that all labor for all women was or will be this amazing. I’m simply asking that if anyone has had painful labor in the past, or is looking to change to a more enjoyable birth in their near future, then why not ask? Why not take action with a broken heart and contrite spirit and ask the Lord what steps to follow in order for this to happen?
And don’t stop at just applying it to birth, or to any life-and-death situation, but rather try to weave this principle into multiple aspects of your life. That way it can be second nature when the real trials and tribulations begin! Heck what are you got to lose except for a little bit of fear, pride, and unwanted emotional baggage! Who wouldn’t want to heal a little bit more on all levels?
I testify that this has worked for me and there was a reason I did not learn how to heal this way until now! Christ wanted me to have my agency, and waited for me to choose healing on my own when I was ready to ask the right questions. He waited until I was ready to teach these wonderful truth to my brothers and sisters in Christ! My prayer is that everyone who reads this will glean something useful, even if it’s small to one person it may be life-changing for another. I know that my Redeemer and Savior lives. I have felt and seen Him before, during, and after the birth of my baby girl. I’m grateful that I have now found peace in being a daughter, a wife, and a mother! I love this life of ascension’s and dissensions as I follow Christ example. I know these things to be true, and I leave this testimony in the name of my Brother Jesus Christ, Amen.

War in Heaven Questions and Visions

Many of my friends have asked me what are the Right questions to receive the Right answers when healing trauma from the War in Heaven?

First we need to ask…

Why do we need to know about weapons, contracts, and false beliefs from the war in heaven?

The answer I have received is…

“Lisa knowing about the war in heaven will help you know the role you played! Will help you know your title and what institutions of learning you participated in! It will help you know your deep past and energetic weapons, contracts, and false beliefs that are prohibiting you from moving forward with your mission that you promised to complete!”

I don’t know about you but that is good enough answer for me! Let us dive Right in! Here are a list of Key questions that I was prompted to ask to receive detailed answers…

Am I ready to release and become aware any trauma that was experienced during the war in heaven today? Yes

Does it have to do with contracts, weapons, or false beliefs?

Do I need to know who, what, where, when, why, that is connected to this “false belief”? (After the first few days or week I did not need to know these detailed questions, I simply asked the Savior to release them)

Examples of this previous question would be as follows…

Who projected this false belief? Was it me or the dark side, or a friend?

Do I need to know the exact wording of what the false belief says in order for it to be released?

Do I need to know where it happened, and if so may I receive a word, picture, or vision?!

Do I need to know if this false belief was created after the war, or after Adam & Eve, xcetera?

Do I need to know why I still have this false belief and how it has affected my life? Or do I need to know why my “tooth” is hurting and if best physical pain is connected to a war in heaven trauma?

Do I need to just release or do these trama need to be replaced with a positive truth or a weapon of light? (Usually they can just be released)

Now for the personal experiences (deep breath)…

This first one I shared the in fast and testimony meeting…

Destroying Weapons!!!


I was shown in a vision that I still have a weapon from the war in heaven! I saw that I had spoke up and bore my heart and soul in front of descenders(who I thought were friends) who put me down and hurt my feelings! I asked someone who I thought was my friend the question of “why did this happen?”he said “See Lisa this is what happens when you open your mouth and you try and connect, you will get hurt and it is safer and better for you to cut all these connections!” I agreed with his logic even though it was not what Christ would do. I saw I had been carrying around large Scissors and cutting connections with my family and friends ever since! After I became aware of this I handed the scissors to My Savior to be destroyed, and I have high hopes that many people can continue to connect and become a Zion people of one heart and one mind!



I asked if I had any contracts with mortal enemies, and /or close family members? I received a yes, and part of the contract said “Lisa I will always tell you the hard truth, “my Truth” even if it hurts you to your core.. ” I asked if I needed to release and replace this contract and of course I got yes… I replaced it with “Lisa, if my spirit chooses to accept this contract, I will have empathy in my heart to the truth I say to you, and that it will not be “my truth”, it will be the Lord’s truth, and through the help of Christ I release any all contracts that can be released tied to you and me!” When I prayed I confirmed there were over 75 contracts that was tied to this person that could be released in that moment by just through just asking my Savior!!! Shocking and amazing!

False Beliefs!!!

This last experience was tied to a very painful tooth that I have had for 6 months! I asked if there was a war in heaven trauma connected to this pain in my tooth? Yes… It was a false belief and trapped emotion that is in my large intestines (which is tied to an energetic pathway or meridian in my body to this particular tooth)one of the main four functions of the large intestines is to help absorb and distribute water throughout the body… As soon as I read that I heard the spirit tell me the false belief is “You don’t ever deserve to drink of the fountain of living Waters!” I asked if I needed to find the exact wording to have this released? Yes!


In 1st Nephi 11: 25 It tells us that the living Waters also represent the tree of Life which is also the love of God. All three of these things are the same thing so essentially I confirmed that my false belief was that “I don’t deserve the love of God because I have (through Eve spiritually) partakin of the tree of knowledge of Good and evil and must be punished!” Knowing All these working parts I could then release this false belief and replace it with “Jesus Christ makes it possible to come back to the Father and through Christ we can partake of the Love of God and live eternally!”

Honestly I never understood why I naturally never liked to drink water, and I had a fear that I would develop kidney stones. But no matter what I did I could not force myself to drink what my body needed and I’m usually dehydrated! Releasing this has done wonders for my tooth, my large intestines, and my new found Love for water and of course the love of God!

I testify that I know we are eternal beings, and that all of us witnessed the War in Heaven and were wounded in some way! I have felt the reality of this, I have heard the cutting things that were said, I have seen the horrors that many of us have been through! I also know that when we ask to become aware and to have these things brought back to our remembrance, then Christ will show us our deep past experiences, in order to heal them in the present, and be prepared for our missions in the future! There is an old saying that the spirit keeps acknowledging…”If you don’t know your history than you will be doomed to repeat it again!”

I love you my brothers and sisters, I know we knew each other before this life and I promised you that I would be bold and sharing what the Lord has asked me to share! These are my personal experiences and I know that there will come a point in time where all of us will need to take a long look at healing everything in our eternal progression in order to receive eternal life and exultation! I know this is just a small step to a greater plan of happiness and I feel humbled and grateful to help even just one soul! I know that Christ lives, I talk to Him daily and I pray that ministering angels will help each of you on your journey! I say this in the name of my Savior, My healer, my comforter, Jesus Christ, amen!

Update Mar 25: I have talked with a few of my friends and have permission to share these things! One of my friends was led by the Lord to replace curses with covenant promises! And replace false beliefs with eternal truths in their heart. Some of the first subjects that the Lord wanted them to work on was money, time, and their husbands! A few days after I had this conversation, I was ready to release things surrounding money and it sounded like “Lisa you won’t be successful enough to receive enough money and energy for your mission!” With most people money is a reflection of our worth and therefore needs healing. When working on husbands or family members that may have thrown weapons, false beliefs, or curses subconsciously, please be sensitive, Christ wants us to constantly love and forgive them! We are not here to condemn but rather to gain wisdom and awareness! I’m grateful for all of the wording I have found with all these subjects. I am grateful the Lord has helped bring to remembrance a little bit more of what happened pre-mortally. I really needed more insight for my past present and future. I pray that each of you will have this desire in the Lord’s time. Meanwhile, happy war in heaven experience hunting!

I saw a Being of Light last night!

I’m prompted to share an experience I had last night on October 8th about seeing an 👼! I can no more deny about the visions that I receive and I will obey with exactness on which ones I should share as the Lord wills it!

I had just finished reading the first few chapters of a book titled A witness to the gifts of the Spirit! I was pondering on the gift of discernment and visions of the past present and future that I have received over the last 2 years! I was very strongly prompted to start posting of these visions and experiences on this blog and I will do so with exactness! It was around 9 or 10 p.m. and I was lying awake in bed with my eyes wide open. Suddenly I saw directly above me what looked like a small light that began to grow brighter and brighter until all of a sudden what looked like an angel, a person that had on a white covering like the usual angels and paintings do, but it looked thin in a bit see-through because I could see this bright portal of light showing through parts of the Angels clothes! He had long hair but something was keeping me from seeing his face. Maybe it was because the light was so bright that I could barely squint my eyes to see, I thought that so bizarre that I could barely see because I knew while it was happening that it was indeed a vision, but it was one of the brightest and clearest and most extraordinary Visions I have had in a long time! I prayed afterwards and confirmed that it was a being from Heaven! That he was indeed male and not female! I confirmed that it was with my physical and spiritual eyes (there might even be more ways to see an angel), that it was while I was awake and not a dream!
And then came to mind about where it talks about different kinds of beings in heaven! I prayed and confirmed that the being that I saw was, as stated in D&C 129, “a spirit of a just man made perfect, they are not resurrected but they inherit the same Glory” I prayed and he was not “resurrected personage, having bodies of Flesh and Bone” I didn’t even really know, and I still am not sure that I understand the difference, but I will have faith and believe in my personal revelation, and in this wonderful experience of seeing a being of light!
While I saw him it was but a moment and even though neither one of us spoke words, I felt like he was saying to “Keep seeking after the good gifts, keep praising and conversing with the Lord on a daily basis, keep using the gift of discernment in visions, personal revelation, and everything I read and do!” I felt like he wanted me to share this experience with the world! To help others believe that there is still the ministering of angels!
As the light became brighter in my bedroom and a reached its highest magnitude, I also felt a burning in my heart, I felt the vibration of my body rising and a tingling sensation, I felt something changing within my body Mind and Spirit! I felt joy and peace and love and the other fruits of the spirit that come with beings of a Heavenly nature! This was a testimony to me that this was a being with good intentions and righteous purpose!
Truth be told, I have heard The Voice of many angels, not just the voice of the Lord, and and I have heard the whisperings of the Holy Ghost! I have just never before seen them with this much light, with this much testimony of their glory and existence!
I have prayed to see if I could know the identity of this extraordinary being and I was told not yet! Maybe this will be revealed at a later date as belief and Faith grow in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As Faith grows in angels and the reality of a spiritual war that rages on! As Faith grows in ourselves as to who we are Eternal beings and creators within this universe! Believe, ask, receive, become!

Chapter 5: Premortal experiences

Did you know that we had experiences before this mortal life? Have you ever felt that you, or your children, or others came with their own personality and intelligence? That would be nearly impossible to acquire in the few short years of their existence here on this Earth? Have you ever seen or heard something for the first time but it seemed oddly familiar, almost like you have had that exact training before? This is no coincidence. There was indeed lots of training, in lots of different institutions of knowledge, and it all took place before this life in what is called the premortal existence.
In this existence there was agency; choice to choose what to learn and how to apply it. “Even before they were born, they with many others, received their first lessons in the world of spirits and we’re prepared to come forth in the due time of the Lord to labor in his Vineyard for the Salvation of The Souls of men.” D&C 138: 56
During this time there was a hunger for further light and knowledge. Yet the only way to truly learn these Eternal truths and learn opposition for ourselves was to come to Earth, and not be in Heavenly Father’s presence, but be subject to mortality. And only through our own experience we could gain knowledge and wisdom.
As Spirit children of our heavenly father we were excited to gain this new understanding on Earth and then we were presented with the Plan of Salvation. There was a great Council in heaven where it was explained that in order for us to return back into our Heavenly Father’s presence, we needed to have a Savior redeem us. And furthermore we would still have agency and there would be a chance that some of us would not return back to Father’s presence. Some of us begin to fear that we would be the ones who would not return.

Then Lucifer stepped forward and said this as we read in Moses 4:1.

” Behold, here am I, send me. I will be thy son, and I will redeem all mankind, that one soul shall not be lost, and surely I will do it; wherefore give me thine honor.”

then Jesus Christ said in Moses 4:2…
“But behold, my beloved Son, which was my beloved and chosen from the beginning, said unto me, Father, thy will be done, and the glory be thine forever.”
The Grand Council
Many of us rejoiced as we heard our brother Christ say this. But Many of our brothers and sisters were deceived and told that they were not smart enough to return to Father and that Lucifer is the only one that could save them! There was a division in heaven and eventually a war broke out. It was not a physical War, but a war between light and dark, truth and lies, between faith and disbelief. We fought against each other for what we believed was right.
Here are a few experiences that I was privileged enough to be given so I can remember I have learned and prepared for in this premortal existence. And who I truly am as an eternal daughter of God…
In my pre Earth life, I remember feeling indecisive about being born into a non LDS Family. During the war in heaven I always followed Christ. I was given the choice to choose to go to an LDS Family or not. Each choice had its pros and cons, and I felt overwhelming indecisiveness set in. I chose to come to the family that I was born into, because I was very close with them in the pre Earth life. I also chose them because I was promised I would find the LDS Church in this Mortal life, so I could therefore help my family and ancestors find the gospel!
One more thing I’m allowed to share is I remember a little about the war in heaven. Negative spirits told me that I was not smart enough to find the LDS Church and they would do all in their power to keep me from accepting the gospel. They filled me with self-doubt and shook my confidence. But I was promised I would have all the help I needed from heaven to find the gospel and complete my mission.
There was a war in heaven, this is what I know to be true. The veil has become thin at times where I could remember experiences before this mortal life. I invite you to pray and Ponder these things and ask your Father in heaven if these things are true? He will not give you more than you can bear, but He will also not leave you defenseless against the adversary. I know we are all Sons and Daughters of God. I testify that we had experiences before we were born. I know we learned many spiritual gifts from Christ and from each other. We learned about the eternal laws of the universe to help each other heal and complete our missions. I know we each learned about our purpose in this premortal life, and Christ is waiting for us to be ready to bring these things to our remembrance. I testify with prayer, practice, and patience, that we will remember these experiences. We will remember the love that we have for each other and for Christ. I have seen it, and I have felt it! And I say these things in the name of my brother Jesus Christ, amen.

Chapter 4: What would Heaven consider a healing therapy?

How do we safely become more connected with Heaven and Earth… so that we can be more receptive to promptings and healing through Christ? Easy! You start with researching Complementary and Alternative medicines. Next Ponder and pray. Finally you try different ones until you find one that seems to be made for you. And another key is to keep walking through these steps in all of these areas by researching, praying, and practicing. In doing this I promise you will find better and more effective ways of healing in this mortal life as you continue on your journey.

Let me back up and say that I never knew a lot about the world of complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) until my husband had a motorcycle accident 2 years ago and broke over 40 bones! That’s when I started researching and found chart like this one and was immediately drawn to the energy therapies Circle 👇

Infographic - types of CAM


Furthermore let me just throw in a disclaimer here and say I would hope and pray that my eternal brothers and sisters would know whether it’s serious enough to go see medical professional help or not?! Just saying we we’re all given this amazing brain and intuition to be used for a reason. Here’s a short list of a few energy healing modalities that I have found intriguing…

Touch vibration, Reiki, foot zoning, kinesiology, sound therapy, Tiberian singing bowls, magnetized objects, subconscious programming, hypnotherapy, long-distance proxy work, biofeedback, tapping emotional Freedom technique, acupressure or acupuncture, polarity therapy, homeopathy, quantum physics, flower and Gem essences, imagery, massage, meditation, art therapy, prayer, reflexology, Theta work, psychotherapy, and photography…. Overloaded yet?
How do I know which healing modality I should choose?
How does one know which modality and or practitoner will be the best fit for them? Well you can either, pray, meditate, or just have a knowing and be drawn to a certain practitioner or modality.
Priesthood blessings, administered by those who hold the priesthood of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is an excellent way to heal through faith in Jesus Christ. Granted it is in the Lord’s will of course of how and when they heal. In my opinion priesthood blessings are way underutilized and we should be seeking them monthly if not weekly to help give us Direction and protection on the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. At least this has been the case with me because I feel like I’m on an accelerated course to Healing on all levels through Jesus Christ the Ultimate Healer. A lot of progression in healing depends on drive and desire. How much pain, knowledge, and wisdom are you willing to experience? This will help give you direction on which modalities to choose and how often to practice healing exercises.
How do I research my body type on all levels?
One of my favorite tools to use, along with prayer, in helping me make the best choice, is finding out what type of personality I am? This will be a great benefit in finding out which energy healing I would be most receptive to. Allie duzett has a video that she put out in greater explanation, I put the link in another two paragraphs. But here it is in a nutshell…
There are three different types of people, an emotional person, a mental person and a spiritual person. All of us have a little bit of each within us but and there is one of these three that we will gravitate towards the most, and heal from the fastest.
An emotional person is primarily concerned with emotions and how they relate to the world emotionally themselves. One of their favorite modalities might be emotional work like Emotion Code. Next we have a mental person who naturally thinks more than feels or connects. And they are attracted to beliefs, ideas, Concepts. A few modalities that would benefit them the most would be Theta work and subconscious programming. The last would be a spiritual person who hungers for connection, mostly spiritual connection, or they will feel severely disconnected. I honestly believe most all modalities help us to heal. Therefore helping us feel more connected to one another and our Creator.
You can find a more detailed explanation about these three types of people and energy healing modalities on Allie Duzett YouTube video Energetic Foundations 2
I myself have found that I am 24% emotional, 24% mental, and 52% spiritual kind of person. So therefore I would have a lot more progress if I focused on spiritual healing modalities. So Ponder on which kind of person you are, and which would be the best choice for you? Because this is your health we are talking about, and it’s nothing to mess around with!

I testify that heaven will not leave us lost and confused as we search for different paths of healing. I know that as we heal ourselves, that we in turn help our brothers and sisters heal. I know that each of us are unique and have different healing patterns. I also know that we need to go through pain and sorrow in this life in order to know greater joy and wisdom. I’m not perfect and I know I still have a long road of healing still ahead. I know by experience, that as we research and then study it out and our mind, and then pray, and then act on those promptings, that we will be divinely led to many ways that we will heal through Christ! I have witnessed many miracles and angelic beings. I have belief and faith that this world, and all the souls in it, can be healed in this mortal life if they but believe! I know these things to be true, and I say this in the name of the Ultimate Healer, Jesus Christ. Amen.

I testify that heaven will not leave us lost and confused as we search for different paths of healing. I know that as we heal ourselves, that we in turn help our brothers and sisters heal. I know that each of us are unique and have different healing patterns. I also know that we need to go through pain and sorrow in this life in order to know greater joy and wisdom. I’m not perfect and I know I still have a long road of healing still ahead. I know by experience, that as we research and then study it out and our mind, and then pray, and then act on those promptings, that we will be divinely led to many ways that we will heal through Christ! I have witnessed many miracles and angelic beings. I have belief and faith that this world, and all the souls in it, can be healed in this mortal life if they but believe! I know these things to be true, and I say this in the name of the Ultimate Healer, Jesus Christ. Amen.

I testify that heaven will not leave us lost and confused as we search for different paths of healing. I know that as we heal ourselves, that we in turn help our brothers and sisters heal. I know that each of us are unique and have different healing patterns. I also know that we need to go through pain and sorrow in this life in order to know greater joy and wisdom. I’m not perfect and I know I still have a long road of healing still ahead. I know by experience, that as we research and then study it out and our mind, and then pray, and then act on those promptings, that we will be divinely led to many ways that we will heal through Christ! I have witnessed many miracles and angelic beings. I have belief and faith that this world, and all the souls in it, can be healed in this mortal life if they but believe! I know these things to be true, and I say this in the name of the Ultimate Healer, Jesus Christ. Amen.

I testify that heaven will not leave us lost and confused as we search for different paths of healing. I know that as we heal ourselves, that we in turn help our brothers and sisters heal. I know that each of us are unique and have different healing patterns. I also know that we need to go through pain and sorrow in this life in order to know greater joy and wisdom. I’m not perfect and I know I still have a long road of healing still ahead. I know by experience, that as we research and then study it out and our mind, and then pray, and then act on those promptings, that we will be divinely led to many ways that we will heal through Christ! I have witnessed many miracles and angelic beings. I have belief and faith that this world, and all the souls in it, can be healed in this mortal life if they but believe! I know these things to be true, and I say this in the name of the Ultimate Healer, Jesus Christ. Amen.

I testify that heaven will not leave us lost and confused as we search for different paths of healing. I know that as we heal ourselves, that we in turn help our brothers and sisters heal. I know that each of us are unique and have different healing patterns. I also know that we need to go through pain and sorrow in this life in order to know greater joy and wisdom. I’m not perfect and I know I still have a long road of healing still ahead. I know by experience, that as we research and then study it out and our mind, and then pray, and then act on those promptings, that we will be divinely led to many ways that we will heal through Christ! I have witnessed many miracles and angelic beings. I have belief and faith that this world, and all the souls in it, can be healed in this mortal life if they but believe! I know these things to be true, and I say this in the name of the Ultimate Healer, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Chapter 3: Receiving Personal Revelation

In my opinion this might be the most important chapter I write in this book! Receiving personal revelation! This can be vital in life and death situations for those you have stewardship over!

Who am I? What is my life purpose? Am I ready to read this book?

My dear friend, throughout this inspired compilation you will have many questions, questions you have asked your whole life. I invite you to pray and ponder to know if these things are true for yourself? Your answer might be yes, it might be a no, or it might be that you are not ready to know the answer to this yet? Maybe you will write down questions and receive answers in a journal, or in a dream, or vision? Long awaited knowledge and wisdom from this book could come to you from a conversation with a friend, or a miracle with a stranger? I promise you, if you pray in honesty and faith, then the answer will not be able to be withheld from you!
Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. (Matthew 7:7)
How will I know when I receive an answer to prayer?
(Doctrine and Covenants 9: 8-9)

8 But, behold, I say unto you, that you must study it out in your mind; then you must ask me if it be right, and if it is right I will cause that your bosom shall burn within you; therefore, you shall feel that it is right.

9 But if it be not right you shall have no such feelings, but you shall have a stupor of thought that shall cause you to forget the thing which is wrong; therefore, you cannot write that which is sacred save it be given you from me.

Growing up, I asked many different pastors, family, and friends how to ask questions about the universe, and how to receive answers?… But they did not seem to have much of a clue themselves because it was so personal. After my husband was in a motorcycle accident last year and broke over 40 bones, then I was prompted by the Holy Ghost to pray for 10 to 20 times a day. There were even some days that the prayers took longer than 30 minutes at a time. I’m excited to share with you some of the things I have learned about praying to heaven!

What are different ways of receiving revelation?

I have received answers in dreams and vision.  I wrote these down and then prayed about each section to ask for further symbolism. Answers have come in a still small voice, that gave me an idea, which I studied out in my mind, and then prayed about. I have received revelation by researching my own conclusion and then bringing it to God to ask if it is right. I have received revelation from friends and family, who are my ministering angels, and had no idea the questions I had weighing on my mind. Reading scriptures, making dinner, and exercising are all excellent ways. The most fascinating way, is in the shower or bath, because you are at a time when most relaxed. It feels so heavenly to be washed of dirt and toxins, while soaking up the healing essential oils and ebson salts.


How do I know my answer is yes or no?

First of all, we need to know what the difference between a Yes and No feels like in each of our bodies. The answers we get to prayers could feel a little bit different depending on the day. Everybody deals with stress, dehydration, and pain differently. Therefore we need to keep realigning our internal compass to make sure we stay on the right course. Our yes and no might feel slightly different, depending on the day, so it’s a good rule of thumb to double check and remember what each of those feel like. We need to ask in our minds “What does my Yes feel like today?” Wait to feel what a yes feels like in your body. (This could take a matter of minutes give or take) In most cases it feels like a filling up, a happier emotion or vibration, a burning in your bosom. Then you ask in your mind “What does my No feel like today?” Then wait to feel what your no feels like. For most people this might feel like an emptying out, a sad emotion or vibration, or forgetfulness and confusion. I sometimes need to ask the difference between my yes and no multiple times because my mortal body is in chaos on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Second of all we need to ask the right questions…. “Should I marry brother Smith?” “Should I not marry brother Smith?” “Am I ready to know the answer whether I should marry him or not?”

“Should I buy this house this month?” “Should I not buy a house this month, but next year?” “Should I not buy a house at all?” “Do I need to research some more about houses before I buy anything?”

Heavenly Father will always answer our prayers. The answer just might not be in the time that we want them answered. But they will be given in the Lord’s time.

Why is it important to learn what is truth?

Souls need to know what truth is so they can discern it from falsehood. We need to recognize that truth and light is from Christ. Confusion and darkness is from the Devil.

(John 3:20-21)

20 For everyone that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.

21 But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.

When we are taught the Commandments and strive continuously to uphold them with faith and obedience, then we are ready to receive further truth and intelligence. In turn we can teach this to our family and friends so that they can learn of the eternal plan that the Lord has for them.

(Doctrine and Covenants 93:28)

28 He that keepeth his Commandments receiveth truth and light, until he is glorified in truth and knoweth all things.

Am I protected when I pray? Are my answers swayed?

It has become habit for me to cast out the devil from my midst and then surround myself with angels from heaven to protect me and my answers in prayer. You will know how often you need to do this in the answers to your prayers! This world is becoming more and more wicked and opposition is around every corner. This is why I believe there is an ever-growing need to cast out the devil and his minions and protect our self with the armor of God on a daily basis.

Our answers could swayed because of personal bias. We need to release control of the outcome and trust that our Father has a perfect plan for us no mater what answer we receive. Then and only them will we be able to receive unbiased answers, because we know ultimately everything will work out in the end!

Painting by Lisa Stanton Jan. 2018 titled “Prostrate Prayer: LOVE Exchange with Father, Son, and Mother Earth” (this is how I feel on all levels when I pray)

What are further ways to open our spiritual eyes and ears?

Praying and fasting always go together and has become a powerful tool in receiving more detail and direction throughout my hectic days! Fasting cleanses the body to be a better conduit for promptings from the Holy Ghost. Not to mention fasting promotes human growth hormone, lowers blood pressure and reduces cholesterol! Exercise is also a good idea when in moderation. Exercise helps us release endorphins which help us feel happier and more likely to be open to non bias answers from heaven. Our body is a temple. Eating healthy with less junk food and more healthy fruits and vegies from Mother Earth will nurture our minds and hearts to receive more messages from heaven. We are what we watch! There is so much garbage on TV and Radio now that I turned them both off years ago! In prayer position, on our elbows and knees, with our third eye touching Mother Earth, and our Heart space open, helps trigger pressure points which opens the connection to Heaven! I have done all these things that I have listed above to the best of my ability, and I testify it works! The more we sacrifice willingly to do Heavenly Father’s will, the more we will be blessed.

What should I do first?

My dear friend, I invite you to write down those questions that you have had your whole life. I invite you to study these things out in your mind. I invite you to cast out. Protect yourself from the adversary by following the Commandments and calling upon Help From Heaven. I invite you to pray to know the true answer to these things ‘with a broken heart and contrite spirit’. Or in other words a humble heart and a spirit willing to change for the better. I invite you to heed the direction that the Holy Ghost has to give you in action.

I know that in seeking truth and light, we are then given more knowledge and wisdom for ourselves and our family. I testify that through prayer and fasting, that the Lord gives us answers which are vital to our life mission and survival. Heavenly father loves each of his children and wants us to choose to learn about these Universal truths. I know he will not give us more than we can handle and he will give us a way to protect ourselves spiritually. I know it is a privilege to receive these answers, and I want to share this privilege with my brothers and sisters in Christ. I know these things are true and I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Update March 27th 2019: Yesterday the spirit prompted me to teach my three oldest children this concept on how to receive personal revelation and feel it in each of their bodies! My oldest said she couldn’t feel anything for 15 minutes straight. I asked the Lord for guidance as I helped my third youngest 8 year old daughter. The spirit said ‘Why don’t you ask how she feels her yes and her no in her body and ask the Lord to feel it in your own body?”  I immediately felt in my body her yes was like a burning in my heart and her no was like a lump in my stomach! As I confirmed and relayed these feelings to my eight-year-old she squealed with delight “mommy how did you know that that’s exactly what I was feeling?”I said “I simply asked the Lord if I could know what you are feeling so I can help you find your baseline in order to ask the Lord questions and receive answers.”

I immediately ran to my oldest daughter’s bedroom and confidently told her what had just happened and that I have faith the Lord will help us feel her yes and her no in her body! As we both knelt tdown and prayed together for guidance, I felt for my oldest daughter that her yes was a tingling inside the shoulder blades and her know was an aching inside almost the entire pelvic bone?! I confirmed this with the Lord and she confessed she did feel these things very weekly as she prayed! How would a mother have known that her daughter receives answers in her Skeletal Body unless she asked for guidance from the Lord?! I have talked with hundreds of people the different ways they feel answers, and never before have I heard of this?! I’m eternally grateful for the tools I have acquired and can pass on to my children to help them survive spiritually what is coming! This morning I woke up feeling like I needed to throw up and I ended up having diarrhea! I knew it was a weapon from the adversary and he was not happy that I had taught my children how to take responsibility and pray and receive answers for themselves!

I recommend that as parents we all teach our children this basic spiritual concept, I feel it is our duty and our responsibility as parents, that we have covenanted and promised to teach our children the tools to not only survive but to fulfill and successfully complete their missions! All the glory be to God, praise him forever and ever! Amen!

Golden Nuggets from Lisa's Journey